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State of the Art: CCS Technologies 2022

As a result of the key role played by CCS in the energy transition towards a net-zero future, the economic performance of CCS is becoming increasingly important and technology development fundamental to meet the demand for improved CO2 capture systems, transport costs and storage options.

In our inaugural Technology Compendium, we take a look at a wide range of commercially-available CCS technologies around the world and analyse technology developments in the context of CO2 capture, transport, storage and the full value chain.



Perspective: A Review of National Responses to CCS Under the London Protocol

In a perspective released by the Institute, authors Ian Havercroft and Chris Consoli explain how amendments to the London Protocol have enhanced prospects to scale up CCS. With greater flexibility under the London Protocol, including transboundary movement of CO2 aimed for storage now permitted, this perspective looks at how nations in Europe and Asia Pacific are responding to potential CCS opportunities provided with lessened regulatory barriers.



Webinar: CCS Ambition in South Africa
and Nigeria 

With robust energy and power sectors, Nigeria and South Africa have the potential to become players in the carbon capture and storage market. In South Africa, pilot projects are pointing to the role CCS technology can play in mitigating emissions from coal fired plants, as a just energy transition gets underway. In Nigeria, early discussions to explore CCS as a climate solution have taken place, alongside the IEA. 

Join us on Tuesday, May 31st to hear about the role CCS can play in the two respective countries.



Live Event: 10th Annual D.C. Forum

The 10th Annual D.C. Forum is an opportunity for policymakers, industry leaders, NGOs, journalists, and financial institutions, to gather and discuss the rise of CCS, as well as the urgency of increasing support for the enabling conditions needed to take it to scale. We will explore topics such as recent U.S. policy developments, the role of finance, the importance of environmental justice and listening to frontline communities, and the latest on global carbon markets.



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The Institute continues to experience significant growth around the world and is now recruiting for several roles. If you're interested in working in an exciting environment, with talented, purpose-driven individuals tackling the climate change challenge, follow the link to our careers page.




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